Law and economics, in salsa nostrana.

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De Benedetti

chemist 4/6/2012 - 11:49

report della Fondazione De Benedetti. Estraggo dalle conclusioni per l'Italia:


We have documented in this chapter three very interesting features in the gender‐gap for college educated Italians [...]  The first is that there is a very significant gender gap, in favor of women in all measures of academic performance, beginning in high school and continuing with college [...]  not limited to the humanities/classic oriented topics [...]

The second fact is that their choice of college major is very different between women and men. In particular women, somewhat in contrast with their higher academic performance, tend to shun the highly selective and high paying major of Engineering and Business/economics and this tendency is particularly strong, relative to men when their academic quality is very high. Women reveal a preference for the less selective, low paying majors of humanities [...]

The third interesting fact is that this remarkable difference  in the choice of major has not really decreased over time and it more than offsets the advantage that higher academic quality would afford to women in terms of income. We also find that the choice of college major explains one quarter to one third of the gender gap. While there are obviously other important factors that contribute to the significant gender gap which may include the continuity of career, discrimination and differential non‐academic skills, the choice of major is an important component of the gender gap