Giornate nFA 2015: programma e iscrizioni

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Che poi lo stesso Milanovic nel post citato da un paio di take-away messages:

There are two take-away messages. The first is that while many national income and wealth inequalities are increasing, or are thought to be unacceptably high, global income inequality is charting  a modest decline. This is not surprising because the bulk of global inequality depends on differences in mean incomes between rich and poor countries, and these are now less than at any time since the end of  World War II. But for this trend to continue, fast growth rates of China and India are crucial. Second take-away message is this: while many national middle classes in rich countries are being hollowed out, a global middle class is emerging. The shape of the world distribution has moved from being bi-polar, with one peak of the distribution among the very poor and another among the rich, to being single-peaked with a more sizable concentration of people into something that may be called the global middle class.

Far presente i caveat posti dall'autore e scordarsi le conclusioni dello stesso autore mi pare abbastanza capzioso.